Hokkaido Cheese Tart @ Mid Valley

I recently so in love with cheese tart. After trying Tokyo secret, I immediately put Hokkaido cheese tart in my must eat list.

However, after the first bite, I guess my hubby can immediately spot my disappointment through my face. Maybe my expectation is too high?!


First thing first, in term of exterior, it doesn’t look as temptation as Tokyo secret. Besides, the crust is lack of buttery and flaky taste. The filling (cheese flavour) is milder. If you do love stronger cheese flavour, I afraid it might be a bit disappointment though. Just like me, after the first bite.

(ps: I would have to stress here that it is different from each person in term of taste. I do not like it is not mean it is not good, it is just no suit my preference only).

I have mine in Mid Valley. It’s located inside or beside Secret Recipe (i’m not too sure). Just look for Uniqlo or Secret Recipe, then you will find Hokkaido Cheese Tart. Why I say so, coz you won’t really notice it at first glance.

One thing good to say that it is only the cheese tart outlet having promotion, buy 5 free 1.



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