Loobie Lobster @ Affordable Price

I’m not the fan of lobster but my Indonesian friend is. When i visiting him, he always bring me around to find good food. This time, he introduced me to Loobie Lobster. It’s a small place, well guess you never know when you’re not really explore.

loAll the seafood here come with an affordable price. I choose lobbie combo, which have 2 half lobster platter, fried calamari and white rice. The lobster was moist, tender and perfectly grid. The fried calamari was awesome too, crispy and fresh. Sambal definitely is a good match. Its complements the seafood perfectly.


The one that I ordered cost rupiah 195k, which is USD 13. Can’t believe it right, then check out the menu below.  For the lobster menu, i guess it’s worth it? You’ll get half/full lobster as you wish and get another calamari on your dish. It’s definitely worth the money!



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Sydney Opera House @ Australia Icon

I’m too stupid to think that it was built in 80’s. From my recent visit,  i had just learnt that it was formally opened at 20th October 1973 and the construction work begin in year 1958.

Sydney Opera House is beautiful from far and near. It is also gorgeous inside and out. It is not only Sydney icon, it actually an Australia icon. Best view is to visit during the sunset hours. Beautiful open area for walk and also nice view for photos which has bridge on the background or in front of the Opera house.


Take a closer look at the Opera House roof. It is actually built up by more than 1 million roof tiles covering approximately 1.62 hectares sitting over the structure. They were made in Sweden. It is the reason why the original cost estimate to build Sydney Opera House was $7 million and  the final paid up was $102 million. (ps: the total size of Opera House could hosts up to  seven A380s sit wing-to-wing on the site)

cofThere are plenty of restaurant at the lower concourse level of Sydney Opera House, such as Portside Sydney Opera House, Opera Kitchen and etc. It is the place that you could take a short rest before move to next destination.

IMG_6082          oznor

We found a Campos coffee store here. We ordered cappuccino and my son went for his babyccino.



Opera House during sunset.



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Barrack Museum @ The Beginning Time of Australia

Barrack Museum takes you back to the beginning time of Australia. It is one of the most significant convict sites in the world, built between 1817-1819, this UNESCO World Heritage listed site was a crossroads for tens of thousands of people, it played a central role in the world’s largest and longest-running system of convict transportation.


More than 50,000 convicts passed through its gates from 1819 to 1845. From 1848 to 1886, it was an Immigration Depot and Asylum and 1887 to 1979, it become the Courts and Office. In 1984, the Barracks opened as a museum. This is a definite must see when in Sydney.


It is the place to learn about the arrival of the prisoners who constituted the First Fleets from England. Convict architect Francis Greenway designed the building in the 19th century to house inmates. Today, the square Georgian structure is a museum displaying the barrack’s history.


I’m in love with this museum by its limewashed brick at the first glance. It is like time machine, bring you back to old days. Later, the reason makes me stay longer is this unique cafeteria, located at the entrance of the museum.


It also offer Campos coffee too. A lot of the bloggers claimed that it is the best coffee in town. I tried and i have to admit that it is good in taste with it’s unique aroma.



Hyde Park Barrack’s Museum was centrally located, easy to find and it is beautifully restored. This museum is just across Hyde Park, Sydney.

ps: I just stroll around the building, not visited to the museum. If you like the history, you can buy Sydney Museum Pass, 1 month validity, allows entry to 12 museum, including Barracks Museum, the Museum of Sydney, Justice & Police Museum and Susannah Place Museum. You can refer to https://sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/sydney-museums-pass for more information.


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Sydney Fish Market @ Foodie Destination

I would rather disappointing with size of Sydney Fish Market compare to Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne.  Anyway, it is merely focus on the seafood, not like Queen Victoria Market have everything under the sun.


There are many retailers such as Claudio’s, De Costi, Doyle’s, Nicholas Seafoods,  Peter’s Fish Market. All you need is just walk round and round like touring a supermarket where the colours and freshness of the seafood will really thrill you. Prawns, clayfish, giant lobsters, oysters, salmon, scallops, sea urchins, squids, trouts, tunas, crab. This is the place like seafood heaven for seafood lover with the attractive price.





We end up bought a lobster platter, fish and chip and fried squid. All are every fresh and juicy. Simple cook makes perfect, i totally agreed with it.



We sat outside, so that we could enjoy the view while savoring our catch of the day. We had truly enjoyed the view and the cool breeze, before sea gulls came.  One very important note : be careful of the sea gulls, they will target you and your food as their prey.


How to get to Sydney Fish Market:

Sydney Light Rail from Central Station, The Star, Haymarket or Darling Harbour to the Fish Market stop which is located across the road from the market.

Bus Service 501: This City/West Ryde/Ryde bus service departs from Central Station every 30 mins. Embark at Miller street, opposite Jone Street which is 5-mins stroll away from Sydney Fish Market.

Sydney Fish Market

Address: Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road, Sydney NSW 2009, Australia.

Tel: +61 2 9004 1100

Opening Hour: Daily 7am – 4pm


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Blue Mountains @ Stunning Natural Beauty

IMG_6857.jpgThe stunning Blue Mountains should be on any nature-loving visitor to Sydney’s must-see list. The Blue Mountains region is an easily accessible area of stunning natural beauty on the city fringes which encompasses dramatic sandstone formations, impressive canyons, steep cliffs, virgin bush land and stunning waterfalls.

Just a two-hour journey from the city and everybody should do a Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney at least once.

The first stop on this Blue Mountains day trip itinerary is Katoomba, probably the most well-known town in the Blue Mountains. The train journey to Katoomba from Central Station in Sydney takes 2 hours, so try to set off early to make the most of the day and avoid the crowds.


Save time and hop on the 686 bus on Waratah Street to Scenic World. Suggest go straight to Scenic World first, to avoid the crowds. ps: wait for 686 bus at the bus stop under the arch-clock.


Scenic World – Entry to the 3 “rides” here, the railway, skyway and the cableway is usually an optional extra although a small number include it in the cost. Walkway refer to walk path through rainforest. The below cost is for unlimited rides and just follow the ride sequence that advise by the counter attendant. It is always the best, trust me.

This is the 2 rides interesting the most and caught our interest for several rides.

We took the skyway from scenic world to the another end and follow Prince Henry Cliff Walk to Echo Point, which took nearly to an hour walk. (if you do not prefer walk, you could hop on the 686 bus to Echo Point).

View along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.





The walk will end at the Queen Elizabeth Lookout. Once done, look for the bus stop near to restaurant (just follow the crowd will do, but always the last ride schedule. If not mistaken, last ride should be 430pm) and hop back on 686 bus, back to Katoomba train station. From here, you can catch the train directly back to Sydney and rest your weary feet!

For information, we took the early train ~ 830am and back to Sydney about 8.00pm++. It is almost one full day trip. My advise is always check for train and 686 bus schedule and also try to set off early to make the most of the day and avoid the crowds.

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Angel Place @ Forgotten Songs

While walking down George Street, around Martin Place, there is a little side alley Angel Place, which is an alley way full of empty birdcages. The artwork is called “Forgotten Songs” and was designed by Michael Thomas Hill.


As you stand underneath the birdcages, you can hear the sounds of the birds that once inhabited Sydney before the city built up to what it is today. As day becomes night, the sounds of the birds change too!


“Forgotten Songs commemorates the songs of fifty birds once heard in central Sydney, before they were gradually forced out by European settlement. The calls, which filter down from the canopy of birdcages suspended above Angel Place, change as day shifts to night; the daytime birds’ songs disappearing with the sun, and those of the nocturnal birds, which inhabited the area, sounding into the evening.”

How to get there – It is located at an alley near Martin Place. If you could spot Emporio Armani & Louis Vuitton outlet, it’s mean that you are not far away from Angel Place, a must that you should not miss out in your Sydney itinerary.


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Sydney University @ Magnificent Building

Sydney University is the Australia’s first university.  It was built in the mid-19th century, so its Australia’s oldest tertiary institution. It’s one of the world’s most respected institutions. The architecture of the original buildings is fabulous & beautiful.


It is a easy walk from Sydney CBD to the University of Sydney. Beautiful campus with impressive English architecture. There are so many lovely old buildings. Some of the most amazing sandstone buildings you might think for a moment you were in historical England.


To some certain extend, I though i will meet Harry Potter at once.


Staircase lead to Sydney University



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Sydney Harbour Bridge @ Walking Across

Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one that has many great things to offer in its own right. By walking witnessing the Sydney Opera House from other point of interest (Harbour Bridge), it is definitely a wonderful experience especially with under lovely blue sky & nice weather (~ 16 Celsius).


We started our walk at Cumberland Street, after visiting The Rock weekend market. Try to find a sign along George Street, just south of Argyle Street which it will point you towards the stairs leading to the bridge’s southern end. These stairs are located near Gloucester Street and Cumberland Street.

It’s an easy and safe flat walk via pedestrian walkway to the other side. Not too certain for the walkway length but it took me approx 40 minutes walk from one side to another.


Once you are up to the bridge, you will find the dramatic view of the bridge, the harbour, and the nearby Sydney Opera House, it is an iconic image of Sydney, and Australia itself.

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Amazing Sydney @ 8 days 7 night

Our trip to Sydney, 8 days 7 night – time to kill in a single city for such long really scratching my head. Lucky part is Sydney is a interesting city,  in which we could visit every single corner of it.

Day 1 (11th Jun), morning flight at 9.20am & reached Sydney by 7.20pm (local time) – Dinner @ Criniti’s


Day 2 (12th Jun), Fish Market – Central Station (to check bluemountain line schedule) – Circular Quay – Opera House – Campos Coffee – Royal Botanic Garden – Mrs Macquiare Chair – Chinatown – Dinner @ Yang San Park


Day 3 (13th Jun), Pyrmont Bridge – Queen Victoria Building – Snack@ Zumbo – Townhall – Hyde Park –  St Marry Cathedral – Barracks Museum – The Mint – Sydney Hospital – Parliament House – State Library – Martin Place – Angel Place – Strand Arcade – Coffe @ Alchemy – Dinner @ Pho Pasteur


Day 4 (14th Jun) – Bluemoutain – Scenic World – 3 sisters – Dinner @ Ramen Kan – Chinatown


Day 5 (15th Jun) – Haymarket –  Lunch @ Market City Food Court – Tumbalong Park – Darling Harbour – Teatime @ Cafe de Wheels – Sydney University – Dinner @ Arisun


Day 6 (16th Jun) – The Rocks – The Rocks Weekend market – Teatime @ Pancake on the RocksHarbour BridgeTeatime @ Black Star Pastry – Art Gallery – Royal Botanic Garden – Dinner @ Grill D


Day 7 (17th Jun) – Boat Tour (Pyrmont Bay to Circular Quay) – Manly Beach – Lunch @ Manly Ocean Foods – Custom House – Ice Cream time @ Gelato Messina – Dinner @ Pho Pasteur


Day 8 (18th Jun) – Morning flight back to Malaysia


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Manly Ocean Seafood @ Fresh & Cooked

Manly Ocean Foods is a tiny storefront but it definitely will catch your eye when you see a long queue of people, in which it is a sign that the food is delicious.


It was a wonderful surprise to have fresh grilled salmon and it was delicious. The first was moist and the right amount of seasoning enhanced the taste of the fish without overpowering it.

grilled fish 1.jpg

Our next surprise is fish & chip. Be frank, I do not like fish & chip at all due to previous experience. However, the fish & chips from Manly Ocean Foods, are not only delicious, it is fresh & crispy. The fish was lightly battered and crispy on the outside. It wasn’t oily. The chips were nice and big and crispy. I like how they put the fish on the chips to let some of the juice and flavoring reach the top layer of chips.

fish chip.jpg

Also don’t forget to buy their most popular tartar sauce. It is enhancing the taste of foods to next further level.  IMG_3751.JPG

So what are you waiting for?! Head to Mainly Beach without any delay. Once you see the Manly Beach just right in front of you, look at your left, you will never miss it (due to long queue of people). It is located next to Starbuck.

106-108 The Corso
Manly, New South Wales, Australia 2095


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