Amorino @ Beautiful Gelato

While coming down from Monmartre, we stumbled across this beautiful gelato shop and we decided to stop by for desserts.


The gelato was delicious & beautifully decorated, into the shape of a rose flower and a deer at top. Just loved them from fist bite!


Comfortable & cozy shop with simple decoration.


There are a lot of flavors to offers. Except gelato, they served coffee and also offer macaroons.


I would recommend to go there in the evening – it is so romantic around!


Address: 39 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France

Phone: +33 9 53 12 87 94
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Le mur des je t’aime @ I Love You Wall

After visited Collignon market, the filming locations for the French film, Amélie. The next destination is I Love You wall. Saying or typing in English would be much easier compare to French.


It is just a few door step away from Collignon market.  You will find a long staircase in at opposite road of Collignon market. Just walk through it to downhill.


Then you will reach a small square – Jehan – Rictus Square and it actually is situated inside the square.


The I Love You Wall is a 40 square meter art installation, with more than 250 different languages of saying I Love You,  found at a permanent home on the hillside neighborhood of Montmartre.

The square itself is open to the public but is managed as a private space. It is opened at 8am daily and then closed up around sunset to protect the wall from any vandalism after darkness falls. The closing times vary depending on the season but 6pm is usually a safe bet to plan your evening around.


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La Bateau Lavoir @ Pablo Picasso

This collection of small apartment buildings in Montmartre served as the homes and studios of numerous artists, including Picasso, in the early 20th century.


Place Emile Goudeau, where Picasso used to live (“Bateau Lavoir”) (Place Emile Goudeau) is at the top of Rue Ravignan.


Here is the former studios of Pablo Picasso, one of Paris most famous artists who painted in Le-Bateau Lavoir.

There is a Van Gogh Museum located at nearby. One can imagine Van Gogh and Picasso traveled these streets enjoying the gregarious life.



Also don’t forget to stop by Collignon market (56, rue des Trois Freres), from the Amelie movie.  It is just few steps away.  (ps: since Amélie’s apartment was located just over the store, hence the shop owner wanted to keep the signs from the film above his real-life grocers).

Those keen to go away with an Amélie souvenir, stop by this place as there’s a great selection for sale alongside his fruit and vegetables.



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Place du Tertre @ Most visited Squares

The Place du Tertre is a square in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, France.  It is an ordinary square in Montmartre, a rural village dotted with vineyards and windmills back to 1635.


Today, Place du Tertre is one of the most visited squares in Paris. Standing in the shadow of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur the square is filled with cafés, tourists, artists, street performers and buskers. Only a few streets away from Montmartre’s Basilica of the Sacré Cœur and the Lapin Agile, it is near the summit of the city’s elevated Montmartre quarter.

Artists are easily found in Place du Tertre. Within the cobblestoned quarter, there are over 100 kiosk style spots available to artists from which they can create their works for the tourists that flock to the square each day.


It is also the place that marks the advent of the French automobile industry, where Louis Renault’s first car was driven up to the Butte Montmartre to the Place du Tertre.

The below plaque is to mark the arrival of Louis Renault’s first motorcar in Place du Tertre.




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Sacré-Cœur @ Montmartre’s Gorgeous


The Sacre-Coeur Basilica is a Roman catholic church, located in the 18th district of Paris, a bit more far from the center than other famous monuments. However, not only it is very close to Place du Tertre, Le mur des je t’aime (Wall of I love you) and Moulin Rouge, but also the area – Montmartre, is very beautiful and famous.

It has 2 way to go up to Sacré-Cœur, either to climb 270 steps or take the funicular to the top of the hill. Once you reached the top, you will find an amazing view of the capital of France.  (ps: the weather not good, so view not too nice)


Again, need to stress that the view from the hill of Sacre-Coeur is really stunning – you can see the whole Paris from here. I totally advise to take a sandwich with you or buy a beer and sit on the stairs under the basilica to stop for a while and look in breathtaking view which you find there.


Besides, you can visit Basilique du Sacré-Cœur for free! There is no fee entrance and do not get discouraged by the queue you might see there – it is only a security check which goes very fasts.


How to get there:

  • metro line 2 – Anvers stop
  • metro line 12 – Abbesses stop

From the metro, you can take a bus or go by foot 🙂

75018 PARIS

Opening hours: 6 am to 10.30 pm

Entrance – free.

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L’As du Fallafel @ Extraordinaire

This is without question the best Falafel we have ever tasted. This falafel place is a must to go in Paris. It is in a back alley of Le Marais, Paris but not hard to find.


The restaurant fits nicely into the cool and trendy environment of Le Marais. Once you get close to the restaurant, you won’t miss it. Just follow the crowd. You can either join the line for take away or dine in.

We went for shawarma (turkey & lamb), schnitzel (chicken) and fallafel special (vegetarian) -all home made on site. It served with perfect blend of marinated cabbage, savory eggplant, hummus, crispy falafels, warm pita and their zippy hot sauce. All ingredients were so fresh and delicious.

Shawarma (turkey & lamb), very good**IMG_3124.JPG

Schnitzel (chicken)IMG_3122.JPG

Fallafel special (vegetarian), you need a fork to dig in. IMG_3123.JPG

The tasty falafel is certainly worth some waiting time. Nice street food indeed. Great food and great value

Address: 34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France


Monday 11am–12am
Tuesday 11am–12am
Wednesday 11am–12am
Thursday 11am–12am
Friday 11am–2pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 11am–12am

Phone: +33 1 48 87 63 60





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Pedra Alta @ Seafood Galore

A feed steps from Champs Elysse, this is the place offer great seafood and steak. The seafood plate served in a sort of a paella pan was full with mussels, lobster, prawn,  shrimp, squid and many more!


This came with soup that had rice & more seafood that was so tasty & delicious!


We also ordered steak which was cooked to perfection! A bottle of wine to go with our meal is just a good pairing.


Prices are very moderate according to local standards so this is a great value for money option. Queues are long so you better prepare yourself for waiting or try to visit at off peak hours.


Address: 25 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris, France


Friday 12pm–1am
Saturday 12pm–1am
Sunday 12pm–1am
Monday 12pm–1am

(New Year’s Eve)

Hours might differ

(New Year’s Day)

Hours might differ
Thursday 12pm–1am
Phone: +33 1 40 70 09 99
There are many branches out there and just find the one which is convenient to you at their website
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Paris @ Where to Stay

Choosing where to stay in Paris can be difficult. After all, there are a lot of arrondissements to choose from. The answer is, there is no one best place to stay in Paris. Instead, choosing the right neighborhood depends on your needs.

Paris has 20 Arrondissements (districts) and each of them has its own virtues. Starting from North of Seine, the arrondissements are distributed clockwise. This in turns means that 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th arrondissements are the most central. These arrondissements are generally safe and walkable and are home to some of the most well-known landmarks.


Where to stay in Paris for the first time?

There are many places to choose to stay for the first time, but the Eiffel Towel – 7th Arrondissement is  the best because it is close to many attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Musee d’Orsay.


The best place to stay in Paris on a budget

Montmarte, the 18th arrondissement is one of the most budget-friendly neighborhoods in Paris, but not recommend for solo travelers especially girls.


For easy transportation to other city

10th arrondissement is a very practical area in terms of transportation. It is home to Gare du Nord (station for Eurostar) and Gare de l’Est (station for TGV), both international railway station.


Where is the best area to stay in Paris for nightlife?

a) If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Paris, the best arrondissement to stay in is Le Marais, the 3rd and 4th arrondissements.


b) Opera – 9th arrondissement, which known location of culture and shopping. Everything evolves around the beautiful Opera Garnier palace. Printemps and Galerie Lafayettes Haussman also here. A good night experiencing the area with its ambience and attractions.


Where is the best area to stay in Paris for shopping?

a) Champs-Élysées – 8th arrondissement is an upscale neighborhood with luxury accommodation and is full of name brand shops. Perfect for shopping.


b) The Louvre – 1st arrondissement is the business district with luxury hotels and trendy boutiques.


c) The Latin Quarter – 5th arrondissement is the student center offering a central location with affordable accommodation.


d) Saint-Germain-des-Prés – 6th arrondissement is a funky neighborhood of Paris with chic cafes and galleries. The famous cafe – Cafe Les Deux Magots & Cafe de Flore is located here.


Last but not least, shall there is any hotel in the outer reaches of the 12th, 17th, or 20th might offer cheaper rooms than a more centrally-located hostelry, but you’ll end up pay your savings by spending more on Métro, RER, or bus tickets.

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Paris & London @ 12 days itinerary

Paris – Someone has rightly said that “A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else”. And one doesn’t need any further explanation of why this marvelous city is one of the most visited and iconic cities in Europe. And here, I came.


London – There are always something about London. With its iconic skyline, trendy neighborhoods, world class museums and a long list of popular attractions, London is a city that every traveler should visit.


Day 1 (1st Dec 19) – Arrived Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 1pm – Checked in Avalon Gare du Nord – Galeries Lafayette (拉法葉百貨) – Palais Garnier @ Opéra Garnier (巴黎歌劇院) – Dinner@ McDonald


Day 2 (2nd Dec 19) – Sacré-Cœur (聖心堂)Place du Tertre (小丘广场) – Brunch @ Cafe Le Ceni’s – La Bateau Lavoir @ Place Emile Goudeau (浣衣舫)Le mur des je t’aime (爱之墙)Teatime @ Amorino – Moulin Rouge (红磨坊) – Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile (凱旋門) – Avenue des Champs-Élysées(香榭大道) – Dinner@ Pedra Alta – Place de la Concorde(協和廣場)


Day 3 (3rd Dec 19) – Breakfast @ Paul – London @ Eurostar – Checked in Flat 2 Broad Court – Covent Garden – Leicester Square – Lunch @ Fish & Chipper –  Chinatown – Piccadiliy Circus – Trafalgar Square ((特拉法加广场)


Day 4 (4th Dec 19) – Horse Guard Parade (騎兵衛隊閱兵場) – Westminister Abbey (威斯敏斯特大教堂) – Big Ben (大本钟) – Buckingham Palace (白金汉宫) – London Eye (倫敦眼) – Blackfriars Bridge – Millennium Bridge – Southwark Bridge – London Bridge – Lunch @ Borough Market – The Shard – Tower Bridge – St Paul’s Cathderal (圣保罗大教堂)


Day 5 (5th Dec 19) – Cambridge day trip

Lunch@ Wagamama – Mathematics Bridge – Queens College – The Corpus Clock – King’s College – Great St Marys Church – Punting tour – Trinity College – Newton’s Apple TreePlatform 9 ¾ @ King’s Cross Station


Day 6 (6th Dec 19) – Marble Arc – Hype Park @ Winder Wonderland – Lunch @ Bavarian Village, Winter Wonderland – Harrods – Soho – M & M’s World


Day 7 (7th Dec 19) – Seven Dials – Breakfast @ Monmouth – Portobello Market – Natural History Museum


Day 8 (8th Dec 2019) – British Museum – Check in Astors Belgavia – Dinner @ Weather Spoon


Day 9 (9th Dec 19) – Take 7am bus back to Paris (about 10 hours journey) – Checked in Novetel Bercy – Dinner @ Anco


Day 10 (10th Dec 19) – Breakfast @ hotel – Notre Dame – Shakespeare & Company – Luxembourg Garden – Eiffel Towel – Dinner @ Pho 14


Day 11 (11th Dec 19) – The Lourve (羅浮宮) – Le Marais – Lunch @ L’as Du Fallafel – Jardin des Tuileries (杜樂麗花園) @ Christmas Market


Day 12 (12th Dec 19) – Back home


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Campos Coffee @ Don’t Miss

Having mastered the grape, Australians are tackling the coffee bean. A visit to Campos, a coffee bar in Sydney is a must for coffee lover.

Order a “short black,” Aussie for espresso, or a “flat white,” a sort of macho cappuccino, devoid of froth and baristas will decorate your drinks with latte art — motifs like roses and fern leaves.



We had ours in Opera Kitchen during our visit to Opera house. Some comments said that the original store at Newtown is serving the best. Others branches only serving good coffees .  🙂

If you have coffee machine, get some beans from Newtown store, the beans are so freshly roasted.

Address for Opera Kitchen :
Lower Concourse Level,
Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Pt
Sydney, NSW 2000


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