Hong Kong Itinerary, 7 days 6 night

Thanks to the airasia, so that we could easily plan for oversea holidays due to the cheaper flight cost. As going oversea is my family yearly event and we had decided Hong Kong shall be in our trip for 2016.


Anyway, planning is always hassle but you will happy when you see your family all enjoying, trust me! I in fact am enjoying so much to work on the itinerary – what is the must visit place, what is the food must eat, must buy item and etc.

Day 1 – Landed at Hong Kong International airport by 5.1opm. After Immigration, proceed to Airport Express customer desk (Terminal 1) to get Octopus card. (Octopus card = stored value electronic card that can be used for most public transport, as well as purchases in merchandises, highly recommend to get one for convenient used)

Later, went to airport bus terminal to look for bus A 21. It took approximately 60 minutes to reach our hotel, Novotel @ Nathan Road. A 21 is the most economy & convenient way to reach Kowloon area.


Check in Novotel hotel, then go to Avenue of Star to watch the Symphony of Light show (FOC, start from 8.00pm every night & last for ~ 13 minutes).

Dinner at Temple Street after the show.

Day 2 – Breakfast at Tim Ho Wan@Hong Kong station – Cheung Chau – Tea time@Yung Kee – Duddle Street (the most authentic gas power street lamp) – The Peak


Day 3 – Disney Land, MTR Jordan – MTR Lai King, change to Tung Chung Line to MTR Sunny Bay,  then change to Disneyland Resort Line for MTR Disneyland Resort Station.


Day 4 – Macau (Take ferry to Macau at China Ferry Terminal). Arrived at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, took taxi to Senado Suqare @ 議事亭前地, lunch@Margaret’s Cafe e Nata, 玛嘉烈蛋挞, Ruins of St Paul@大三巴牌坊, Rua Da Felicidade@福隆新街 (“巨轮“ 拍摄现场), Rua do Cunha@官也街, Venetian Macau@威尼斯人, back to Hong Kong


Day 5 – Stanley Market@赤柱市集 (Central’s Exchange Square Bus Terminus), Clean Water Bay@清水湾, Aberdeen@香港仔, Tram (also know as ” Ting Ting”)@香港電車, Dinner@Kui Kee seafood restaurant, 駒記海鮮大排檔, Shopping at Causeway Bay@銅鑼灣


Day 6 – Breakfast@Kam Wah Cafe金華冰廳, Wong Tai Xin Temple@黃大仙祠, Sham Shui Poh@深水埗, Langham Place Shopping Mall@朗豪坊, City Gateway, Ladies Street@女人街


Day 7 – Back home @ Home sweet Home


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4 Fingers

4 Fingers = Crispy Chicken. It seem like it is the “IN” word now. It was highly recommended by one of my friend. I went to try it out but not find any specialty except the crispness.

The 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken come with 2 favours – Soy Garlic & Hot Sauce. (ps: I prefer Soy Garlic)



They also have others to offer but I just try on their signature one. I actually find quite pricey with the portion that they give. Anyway, I will leave it to you for check it out!


Phone number : 03 22011227

Address :LG.074A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur 59200


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KGB, Killer Gourmet Burgers

Recently, start liking to sandwiches & burgers. KGB is one in my favorite list. I bump  into this store incidentally, when walking from The Garden to Mid Valley by indoor walkway.  It is located at an isolated area, not easy to spot unless you come purpose for it.

My hubby and I enjoyed very much for the meal, especially the freshness of the food. It come to our surprise is the Kimchi with Bulgogi Beef Fries.


It is the mixture of kimchi, bulgogi beef pieces, onions, sour cream, cheddar cheese & etc. The blend of the ingredients make the fries become extra-ordinary. Highly recommend!!

Ops. Seem I almost forget about our main course.

Truffle’d Swiss – Grilled beef, sautéed Portobello mushrooms, swiss cheese, truffle infused and herbed ranch. It in fact another surprise to us, as the truffle played up the flavors of the burger, especially the mushrooms.


Tornado Chicken – Grilled Chicken, onion rings, sunny side egg, buffalowing aoili. Nothing surprise and I would say beef still the best choice!




232-B LG, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : +60 3-2201 5557

Operation Hours:
Mon – Sun
10:00 am – 10:00 pm
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AK Noodle @ One Utama

If you are starving for “yong tau foo” and fish ball, do not miss AK Noodle when you are in One Utama, KL. For me, I choose this stall is mainly due to the fish cake and just wanna to give it a try. At the end, I’m surprise more than regret.

Fish cake (too too delicious. Can’t stop eating! )


Prawn cake also not bad.


My hubby order dry noodle (called mee pok) & it come with the soup with some yong tau foo & fish ball as well.


Curry mee – My daughter ordered.


A bowl of yong tau foo (ps: Chili, eggplant & ladyfinger do not fried before, so it is not really nice. A bit harder to bite)


Check out the menu, the food actually is not so pricey.


Address: Lot LG 121, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-7722 1568
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Long Hiang Coffee Shop @ 隆香茶室

I went to Malacca so many of times and I keep doing what tourist do, go to the shop popular among the bloggers & etc. This time, I try to work out something different, try to blend myself in to be a local.

Long Hiang Coffee @ Alfresco under the tropical tree,  is the coffee shop popular among the locals. It is an ordinary coffee shop without any astonish exterior & interior. Just because it’s being so simple, it gave me a sense of nostalgia.



Traditional Malaysia style breakfast – Half boiled egg & Kopi O. long1

Wan Tan Noodle – Highly recommend caption

Except the both, I heard the duck noodle is very nice. Unfortunately, the shop is closed during my visit. Too bad. Anyway, good food worth wait! I’m planning to my next visit soon.

Long Hiang Coffee Shop
Address: Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
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If you could see me now

It is a touching and heart-broken story. “If you could see me now” refer to Ivan, an invisible man, who’s job is accompany kids during their lonesome.


Elizabeth is a successful thirty something businesswoman, rigid and beautiful. But she seems not too well in communicating & take care of with her nephew, Luke.  Ivan initial job is to help Luke but he fall in love with Elizabeth eventually.

How could an invisible man like Ivan to fall in love with Elizabeth and how’s the love spark between both of them?

Follow the story closely and you will find it is so touchable! Love means sacrifice, willing to give and commitment, which i learnt after reading the book.

Besides, I was told that it will soon to be in movie and star by Hugh Jackman. 🙂

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Uncle Pin @ Jakarta

I just never that I never talk about the Indonesia food before. So, let’s start with Uncle Pin @ Jakarta!

I was told that Uncle Pin is famous with the seafood and it has many supporters even the earlier location is small and seem not hygiene enough. It was later move to Muara Karang, South Jakarta with better set up.


Without wasting time, let’s see what i have for my dinner.

Steam Prawn – Yummy, yummy!


Strongly recommend – dip the prawn to this mix sauce. It definitely enhance the prawn aroma & taste!


Ikan Tim Nyonya (Madam Steamed fish), the yummiest one!  Don’t know how to describe the taste, it got mixture all the taste. Just order & will never go wrong.


Kepiting Asap (Grill Crab with banana leaf) is really good as well. The freshness of the crab is just hardly to describe by words.


Address:  Jl. Pluit Karang Timur, Blok B8 No. 78-80, Muara Karang, Jakarta

Opening Hour : 10.00 am to 10.00pm daily.
Phone: 021 22667451



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Pho Hoa @ Best Vietnamese Beef Noodle

I tried a lot of Vietnamese noodle before, where local refer as “Pho” and I could say that Pho Hoa is the best that I even tried.



This restaurant come with a long legacy, more than 50 years.  It consistently ranks as one of the best places to sample Vietnam’s most popular noodle soup. The restaurant has been run by successive generations of the same family which adds a little history to your meal. Of course, the broth recipe also a family secret, which helps create a little mystique around the flavours. 🙂

Despite of it’s popularity, it never intend to open any branch out there and this is the only shop that you could have the traditional Vietnamese noodle. Hence, we are here!!


I ordered the well done beef noodle with egg and add on bean sprout, vegetables, lime, chili and etc just like locals, to spice up my broth.

Never forget the “yao tiao” as well. It is incredible delicious after dip into the broth.


Address: p. 8, 260E Pasteur, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone:+84 8 3829 7943
For those do not take beef or not a beef lover, you could opt for chicken. They offer chicken as well. You may check out the their menu as below, before your visit.



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Love, Rosie @ Where the Rainbow end

It is a lovely story.  It is so easy to catch your interest when you flip the first page of the book, if you been write text with your mates during your school time.

Rosie and Alex are childhood best friends. They likes to send text, instant messages and email to each other, without realizing that “love” have actually blossom between them.


Through the years that they develop this special connection, they were afraid to try for their special feelings toward each other. They were separated when Alex has to pursue his college degree in Harvard. Rosie was supposed to study in Boston University, but she became pregnant, and kept that secret to Alex even when she bid him goodbye at the airport.

Everytime they want to pursue their romantic love for each other, it was wrong timing, always. They keep missing the chance to pursue their love for each other because of fate and for pursuing the next best choice.


The lesson learn from the book – follow your heart, your heart knows what’s best. You just have to make things happen. And even if trying to achieve what you really want is difficult, we must not lose faith, and don’t get tired of waiting. It’s better than living life with regrets.

“You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.”
― Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie

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So in love to Mark Wahlberg and can’t stop to write him!


Contraband is a 2012 American action crime thriller film by Mark. The story line is about Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) is an ex-smuggler who now has a peaceful life with his wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale), and their two sons in New Orleans.


They later learn that Kate’s brother Andy (Caleb Landry Jones) was smuggling drugs, but dropped them into the Mississippi River during a surprise inspection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Andy’s boss, mobster Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), threatens to kill Chris’ family if Andy doesn’t pay him back $700,000.


Chris decides to raise the money by running contraband, working with his former smuggling partner, Sebastian Abney (Ben Foster), who now owns a legitimate construction company.


Promising Kate that he will not run drugs, Chris joins a cargo ship, planning to buy $10,000,000 in fake bills in Panama and smuggle them into the U.S.


He is joined by Andy, his good friend Danny Raymer (Lukas Haas), and gets help from crew mates. After Briggs broke into Chris’ house and intimidated his wife and kids, Kate moves into Sebastian’s house for safety.



In Panama, Chris discovers that the only one who can provide high quality fake bills is crime lord Gonzalo (Diego Luna). Leaving Andy in the van with the money for the fake bills, Chris meets with Gonzalo to negotiate.


Briggs calls Andy, threatens to kill one of Chris’ sons and forces him to take the money and buy cocaine.


With the money gone, Chris and Danny agree to help Gonzalo rob an armored car in exchange for the fake bills. After a shootout which kill Gonzalo’s group along with numerous police and security officers, they successfully steals a Jackson Pollock painting that resembles a splattered tarp. Chris and Danny barely make it back to the ship with the fake bills and the painting. They drive the van with contraband into a container, which is loaded onto their cargo ship. Chris hits and berates Andy for using the money to buy cocaine, but apologizes when Andy explains the reason.


It is revealed that Sebastian is working with Briggs, and he desperately needs money to pay gangster Jim Church (David O’Hara). Sebastian calls Chris and learns that Chris plans to get rid of the cocaine Andy bought. Sebastian instructs Briggs to threaten Kate. Through Kate, Briggs warns Chris not to dump the cocaine. Chris realizes that Sebastian has betrayed him.


Sebastian contacts the cargo ship’s Captain Camp (J. K. Simmons), with whom he has a partnership. He tells Camp of Chris’ smuggled contraband, and promises him a share if he secures it. Unable to get Chris to give up the contraband, Camp calls U.S. Customs to inspect the ship in New Orleans. The Customs agents find the container with Chris’ van, which is empty except for the paint splattered tarp, which they ignore.


Once Chris is on shore, Briggs and his thugs demand the drug package. Chris takes Briggs to Camp’s house, having made a duplicate key while on the ship, and knowingly activates the security system. Chris opens Camp’s carpet cleaner and retrieves the cocaine from it. While Briggs and his gang sit in Camp’s living room with the cocaine, Chris sneaks out. Camp awakens to the noise and comes into the living room as the police arrive. Both Briggs’s group and Camp are arrested for possession of the cocaine.

Warned by Chris, Kate leave Sebastian’s house. When she goes back to retrieve some personal items, Sebastian gets angry with her and accidentally pushes her against a bathtub. Thinking she is dead, he dumps her (unconscious) body in a yet to be poured foundation at one of his construction sites. Chris goes to Sebastian’s construction site and manages to locate and save Kate by calling her cellphone. Sebastian is arrested and sent to prison, where he is greeted by a lynch mob.

Danny retrieves the fake bills, which were dumped into the Mississippi River by Chris before docking in New Orleans. At a U.S. Customs auction, Andy buys the escape van earlier confiscated from the cargo ship, and finds the painting still in it. Church pays Chris $3 million for the fake currency and asks about the missing Jackson Pollock. Chris learns the painting can be fenced for over $20 million on the black market. The film ends with Chris, Kate, Andy and the kids beginning a new life in a waterfront house.


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