Blue Mountains @ Day Trip from Sydney

The Blue Mountains is an area just outside of Sydney which is categorised by it’s sweeping mountain ranges, blue haze and numerous tourist attractions which have put it on the map as a must see destination for all visitors.


It is rather easier to go by train, from Central Station to Katoomba Station (via Bluemountain line). The trip is relaxing, will take approximately 2 hours end to end, and gives you the chance to see the beautiful countryside along the way.

I took early train to Bluemountain,  ~ 8.50am and leave Katoomba before 5pm. For this day trip, recommend you only 2 to 3 destination. Scenic World & Three Sister will be the top choice among the tourist. If there is the case, for for 686 bus will do, instead of wasting the money on Hop-On-Hop-Off bus.

686 Bus Stop

Once you get out from Katoomba station, you will find a signboard as below, Then, cross the road to the yellow building. Go straight until you see a arched clock. Wait the bus below the arched clock.

I went to Scenic World first, then only Three Sisters. This is to avoid the crowd, where most of the tour will go the other way round. 🙂

Entrance of Scenic WorldIMG_6695

The Scenic World ticket basically is a collection of ‘rides’. If not mistaken, the ride fare for (all) is AUD 38 for adult & AUD 21 for child. My sequence of rides as below and i by purpose put Skyway the last as I want to walk to

1) The Scenic Railway – The steepest railway in the world, ~ 58 degree that takes you down to the valley floor in 2 minutes. Suggest to take the first row, then you will know how exciting it is! I went for few rides.

2) The Scenic Cableway – A cable-car alternative that takes you either down to the valley floor or back up again. I find nothing special, it is just another cable car to me.

3) The Scenic Skyway – A glass-bottomed container that takes you across the Jamison valley and back again, with dizzying views of the ground 270m below.

I  purposely put Skyway the last, because I want to take Prince Henry Cliff Walk, where it starting point is at Skyway’s East Station. It will take approx 45 minutes to reach Echo Points.


Along the walks, there are a lot of nice scenarios.

Katoomba WaterfallIMG_3190

Duke & Duchess of York LookoutIMG_3197.JPG

Cliff View LookoutIMG_3214

Lady Darley LookoutIMG_3245.JPG

Finally reached Queen Elizabeth Lookout. Here we saw Three Sister.IMG_3255


We finally completed our trip today. It is really a long walks. We took the 686 bus again back to Katoomba Station to catch up train back to Sydney. IMG_3264.JPG

At the time that we reached Sydney, it is almost 8pm. Time to get food.  

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