Blue Mountains @ Stunning Natural Beauty

IMG_6857.jpgThe stunning Blue Mountains should be on any nature-loving visitor to Sydney’s must-see list. The Blue Mountains region is an easily accessible area of stunning natural beauty on the city fringes which encompasses dramatic sandstone formations, impressive canyons, steep cliffs, virgin bush land and stunning waterfalls.

Just a two-hour journey from the city and everybody should do a Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney at least once.

The first stop on this Blue Mountains day trip itinerary is Katoomba, probably the most well-known town in the Blue Mountains. The train journey to Katoomba from Central Station in Sydney takes 2 hours, so try to set off early to make the most of the day and avoid the crowds.


Save time and hop on the 686 bus on Waratah Street to Scenic World. Suggest go straight to Scenic World first, to avoid the crowds. ps: wait for 686 bus at the bus stop under the arch-clock.


Scenic World – Entry to the 3 “rides” here, the railway, skyway and the cableway is usually an optional extra although a small number include it in the cost. Walkway refer to walk path through rainforest. The below cost is for unlimited rides and just follow the ride sequence that advise by the counter attendant. It is always the best, trust me.

This is the 2 rides interesting the most and caught our interest for several rides.

We took the skyway from scenic world to the another end and follow Prince Henry Cliff Walk to Echo Point, which took nearly to an hour walk. (if you do not prefer walk, you could hop on the 686 bus to Echo Point).

View along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.





The walk will end at the Queen Elizabeth Lookout. Once done, look for the bus stop near to restaurant (just follow the crowd will do, but always the last ride schedule. If not mistaken, last ride should be 430pm) and hop back on 686 bus, back to Katoomba train station. From here, you can catch the train directly back to Sydney and rest your weary feet!

For information, we took the early train ~ 830am and back to Sydney about 8.00pm++. It is almost one full day trip. My advise is always check for train and 686 bus schedule and also try to set off early to make the most of the day and avoid the crowds.

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