Angel Place @ Forgotten Songs

While walking down George Street, around Martin Place, there is a little side alley Angel Place, which is an alley way full of empty birdcages. The artwork is called “Forgotten Songs” and was designed by Michael Thomas Hill.


As you stand underneath the birdcages, you can hear the sounds of the birds that once inhabited Sydney before the city built up to what it is today. As day becomes night, the sounds of the birds change too!


“Forgotten Songs commemorates the songs of fifty birds once heard in central Sydney, before they were gradually forced out by European settlement. The calls, which filter down from the canopy of birdcages suspended above Angel Place, change as day shifts to night; the daytime birds’ songs disappearing with the sun, and those of the nocturnal birds, which inhabited the area, sounding into the evening.”

How to get there – It is located at an alley near Martin Place. If you could spot Emporio Armani & Louis Vuitton outlet, it’s mean that you are not far away from Angel Place, a must that you should not miss out in your Sydney itinerary.


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