Melbourne Central – One stop shopping, dining & entertainment complex

If you like your shopping under the one roof, make Melbourne Central your first port of call. Melbourne Central is easily accessed via the city loop station beneath it, or the many trams in Swanston Street. It is on the free city circle tram route.

The centre also boasts several unique architectural features such as the giant marionette watch hanging in Shot Tower Square – famous for its hourly rendition of the Australian anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’ – as well as a number of art installations throughout.



Inside the second floor of the tower, Melbourne Central’s Shot Tower Museum has the low-down on the history of shot manufacture. All the lead used at the Coop’s Shot Tower came from Port Pirie in South Australia, where it was mined from the ground and carted by train to Melbourne.


Shot towers were built for the production of shot balls by free falling lumps of molten lead, which was then caught in a water basin. The shot was used for projectiles in firearms.







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