Pork Leg Rice – Hidden gem in busiest street

Their signage said, “Thailand no. 1 braised pork leg rice”, which i have to agreed with. It hidden in a relatively quiet alley  near to the famous chicken rice shop (Go Ang, pink shirt).   IMG_20171113_100111.jpgIMG_20171113_100139.jpg

The set-up of the place was simple, we took a seat under the extended canopy in front of the shop


The well-braised meat was tender and almost melts-in-your-mouth. It come together with appetizing pickled.


The bitter melon soup also very tasty. Kind of complement to braised pork.


Besides, also never forget to order bean curd and egg.



I’m sure will pay my next visit when I go Bangkok again. It is the shop that once you eaten, you will never forget.

How to go there? Walk toward the alley just next to the famous chicken rice shop, crossing the river and check on your left. You will find the shop under the huge tree. Just in case you don’t know the exact location, I attached a photo which I snap at the front of the store.


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