Pablo Cheese Tart @ Malaysia

I tried Pablo cheese tart in Osaka before and I couldn’t miss it’s taste until date. It is hardly to describe by words,  but as I said in my earlier blog, PABLO 半熟起司蛋糕, you will immediately fallen in love once you tried it.

Finally, it had spread it’s wing to Malaysia and open the 1st outlet at One Utama on 6th Dec 2016.


Pablo Cheese Tart is the only Japan based cheese tart chain to operate in Malaysia. If to compare with the 2 popular cheese tart brands, I would say Pablo Cheese Tart is the best. Anyway, the preference of taste is very personal from each individual, share me with your opinion if any.

Can you resist for not giving a try? Haha….


It is extremely soft and delicate. The crust is crunchy. The cheese flavor is pleasantly light with strong lemon taste, which balance out the cheesy feeling. Actually, you can easily finish the whole cheese tart (RM45.90/pc) by your own.


However, if you refer heavier and richer cheese taste, you must try their mini cheese tarts (RM8.90/pc). In term of taste, it is more dense & strong in cheese taste. It is very suitable for those cheese lover.


This is their signature drink. I still yet to try. I will get one next time.


The next I’m going to try is the Premium Cheese Tart. I guess the taste shall be good since it is premium. Haha…


Pablo Cheese Tart

S130, Level 2, 1 Utama Old Wing
Business hours: 10am – 10pm


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