Pho Hoa @ Best Vietnamese Beef Noodle

I tried a lot of Vietnamese noodle before, where local refer as “Pho” and I could say that Pho Hoa is the best that I even tried.



This restaurant come with a long legacy, more than 50 years.  It consistently ranks as one of the best places to sample Vietnam’s most popular noodle soup. The restaurant has been run by successive generations of the same family which adds a little history to your meal. Of course, the broth recipe also a family secret, which helps create a little mystique around the flavours. 🙂

Despite of it’s popularity, it never intend to open any branch out there and this is the only shop that you could have the traditional Vietnamese noodle. Hence, we are here!!


I ordered the well done beef noodle with egg and add on bean sprout, vegetables, lime, chili and etc just like locals, to spice up my broth.

Never forget the “yao tiao” as well. It is incredible delicious after dip into the broth.


Address: p. 8, 260E Pasteur, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone:+84 8 3829 7943
For those do not take beef or not a beef lover, you could opt for chicken. They offer chicken as well. You may check out the their menu as below, before your visit.



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