Shibuya Shabu @ Bangkok

If you too bored with the Thai food and looking for premium sushi or shabu shabu for reasonable price, just head to Shibuya Shabu. They are offering you the premium quality of the sashimi, various type of sushi (such as Gyu Jo-Karubi, Unagi, Katauo, Hotate and Ikura) and also beef (for shabu shabu). It cost you less than THB 800 / person.

Although I been there twice, but it won’t stop me to visit further cozzzzz  the quality just super, super fresh & delicious!

Anyway, it is a restaurant offer buffer style meal. Just scroll down to see what I have for the dinner for the night I was in Bangkok.

I went there with another 3 friends, ordered 2 bowl of soups (plain & spicy base) and the premium beef for the shabu-shabu.


There are others options for shabu -shabu as well. Just visit their food bar and grab anything you like.


After that, it is the time for sashimi, sushi and …………. We can’t even stop eating, the food is so delicious that you can’t put your chopstick down although your stomach is full.







Still not full? Go for their dessert, they offer you a wide range of selection.


Drink bar. Again, a lot of choice, from fruit juice, soft drink to coffee and tea.


Shibuya Shabu

Address : 100/1 Rama 9 Road | Huai Khwang, Bangkok 1031

Tel : +66 2 246 0535




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