Harry Potter@The Prisoner of Azkaban

This third book of Harry Potter is talking about the mass-murderer Sirius Back has escaped the iron grasp of Azkaban fortress. Harry has barely survived his first 2 years at Hogwarts; now it looks as though Sirius Black is determined to make sure Harry doesn’t finish his third.

However, Harry is forced to confront the new enemy – while the sinister Dementors of Azkaban patrol the school grounds thereatening to suck the very soul from those who they encounter with a deadly kiss……..

The Knight Bus                                            ha

Harry Potter favorite restaurant – Leaky Cauldron         ha1

Interior of Leaky Cauldron                                                                   ha2

Hermione & Crookshanks and Ron with Scabber     potter-11-660

At first, I’m thinking to share on the Dementor photo but tooooo ugly & frightening. So, I rather skip this.

Talons and Tea Leaves                                         ha4

The Marauder’s Map              ha5

The Hogsmeade                              ha6


Honeydukes                                           ha8

Butterbeer                                                                                              ha9

Hermione’s time turner har

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