ROCKU Yakiniku @ 1 Utama

You could savour the classic Japanese charcoal grill experience in Rocku Yakiniku. Besides, it is the first of its kind to incorporate live and modern entertainment in a casual sit-down BBQ. This unique concept of restaurant, dubbed as “restaurtainment” actually originated from Singapore and aims to deliver a fresh dining experience to diners in Malaysia.


First things first; make sure you make reservations as the place is usually quite crowded, and try to get your whole party there before you get seated or they might not let you in.

Let’s scroll down to see what they offer.

Start with appetizer first, example jelly fish, squid, udon, fried rice at their snack bar. One Utama Food Rocku Yakiniku BBQ Restaurant 03BuffetCounter1

Then go for main course for the day. BBQ beef, pork and seafood!!


As it cut into very thin slice, it doesn’t take much effort to BBQ these meat to right balance of smoky aroma blended with the natural taste of the meat.                                                           16266535996_3ec76b02df_b


My hubby enjoy the pork bacon very much as it has that special salty charcoal aroma taste after being put onto the BBQ pit.

BBQ Salmon & Scallop s4_54cedb9f53f0d

How can I miss the beer with BBQ? Kirin, one pint RM 25, buy one get one free.


There are two sessions of buffet here: lunch @ RM32.90++ and dinner @ RM49.90++. Both sessions last for 100 minutes, which could be extended at RM9.90++ for each additional 20 minutes.


ps: Usually after BBQ, you will smell like charcoal grill after you leave the restaurant even with huge smoke suction vents installed. But Rocku Yakiniku had rectify the problem by installing the suction system around the grill instead of at the top.It is worked and the whole place was completely smoke-free.

I would say that the price is actually a very reasonable price to pay for a quality Japanese BBQ buffet Rocku Yakiniku is offering. The quality of food is generally good and the ambiance is consider OK.

Rocku Yakiniku – Japanese Charcoal Grill
Dining Loft @ Level 7
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-2148 8884 (reservations line)
Business hours: 11am – 10pm daily

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