Secret Small Town in Europe you MUST visit, part 3

Can’t decide your visiting places after my part 1 & part 2 sharing? In fact, I having the same problem too, so follow your planed visiting route and try to include the secret small town  into your list, to make your life easier. 🙂

1. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is really beautiful and enchanting, isn’t it? Especially in Winter, it feels like seeing a scene in a fairytale. A must-visit place for sure.

1a bruges

2. Giethoorn, Netherlands

The Venice of Netherland @ Giethoorn is a picturesque village where people get from place to place not in cars on roads but on canals in boats. Aside from a few bicycle paths, there is no pavement in Giethoorn, which keeps the place quaint, in a 1700s kind of way.


3. Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

Consistently ranked among the world’s top-three nations in both wealth & wine consumption, life in little Luxembourg seems good.

The capital has a fairly tale quality, thanks to its UNESCO listed historic core. All in all, this little town has plenty of surprise. Worth to make a trip there.


4. Gruyere, Switzerland

Gruyeres is much like any medieval village in Switzerland. There’s a cobbled stone castle, houses and there’s an “Alien” bar.  In 1998, H.R. Giger – the Academy Award winning artist behind the Alien Movies – bought a castle in Gruyeres and turned it into a museum and gallery of his work as well as his private collection.


5. Otsuni, Italy

Otsuni @ the white city, is one of the most stunning cities in southern Italy famous for the dazzling effect of its whitewashed houses. It is a genuine and charming example of Mediterranean architecture.

The city of Ostuni is a series of levels, staircases, small roads, alleys, arches. Hints of the Middle Ages are at hand in every corner, in every view to the sea, in the portal of a palace, in the walls of a convent or the front of a church.


6. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia, wedged between Austria & Italy, has always been proud of its unique heritage. The capital, Ljubljana is a perfect example of this blend of Germany, Mediterranean & Slovenian culture. The old town is a blend of Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau buildings, watched over by a medieval castle.

Beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia

7. Torun, Poland

Famous for its native son, the astronomer Copernicus, Torun was founded by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. You can still see the ruins of their castle, left pretty much unchanged from when it was destroyed by disgruntled medieval townsfolk. Torun was one of the few Polish cities to escape major damage in World War II. Its beautifully preserved Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss the striking Old Town Hall. Torun is also famed for its gingerbread.


8. Arosa, Switzerland

Nestled in the beautiful Schanfigg Valley, Arosa is the very picture of an Alps village, from its diverse array of ski runs to the charming wooden houses that are so quintessentially Swiss.


9. Bergen, Norway

Many visitors fall in love with Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, at first sight. Sever rounded lush mountains, pastel wood houses, the historic wharf, winding cobblestone streets and Hanseatic relics all make it a place of enchantment. Its many epithets include ” Trebyen” (Wooden City), “Regnbyen” (Rainy City, due to its 240 days of rain a year), and “Fjordyen” (gateway to the fjords). As for the rainy weather, most visitors quickly learn the necessity of rain jackets and umbrellas.


10. Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello is the capital of Truli, also known as Italy Heaven. The trullo is a fascinating architectual feature of this area of Puglia, a building with conical roof made without mortar. Alberobello has special status internationally – designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site – because its collection of some 1,500 trulli in an urban environment is unique.


I had basically covered 30 small secret towns in Europe and I believe more to come when I explore further. Anyway, I wrote this small secret town in Europe pages mainly for my daughter, for her to know the world is so big and there are many underrated cities / places that worth to visit. And I hope she find her dream places.

Let me check with her tonight which is her preferred cities and will write a page focus merely on the city that she love the most!


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