Secret Small Town in Europe you MUST visit, part 2

Dreaming of visiting one of those picture-perfect European towns filled with old-world charm, incredible scenic beauty, or perhaps both after my part 1?

Don’t make any decision first. follow closely with my part 2 before finalize your best destination.

1. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges has become incredibly popular for travelers looking for photograph the lego-like houses in the city center. It is still remains to be one of Europe’s pretties little towns, but it is now more popular than ever. Forget about Paris and Venice as Bruges is by far one of the most romantic places to go with the loved one.  16546981391_511b576a05_b

2. Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia, one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, is the perfect destination for those who have already been to Europe once or twice and are ready to get off the beaten track and see a fascinating part of Europe. The scenery is beautiful, varied and especially great for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the greatest attraction is undeniably Lake Bled – one of the world’s most stunning lakes and a favorite for visitors to Slovenia.


3. Albarracin, Spain

How could you feel if you were transported instantly to the Middle Ages? Thats what happened the first timer visited Albarracin, a small town 30 minutes from Teruel and 2 hours from Valencia, Spain.

Village’s old town snuggled up against canyon walls, with the building golden and ruddy in the warm, waning light, the church bell towers bright and colorful and the whole atmosphere reminiscent of whatever ” Old Spain” is supposed to mean.


4. Pucisca, Croatia

This beautiful place arose form stone in a deep cove on the north of Brac. Nicely built stone houses with paved white roofs give the place its charm. Pucisca has always been knowns for its culture of stone masonry. The harmony and homogeneous of the plebeian houses, the Renaissance palaces and Baroque buildings made from the white stone of Brac leave every visitor breathless.


5. Eze, France

Your jaw will drop at he gorgeous view of the Mediterranean from Eze, a charming hilltop town on the Cote d’Azur. Its beautiful cobblestone streets and hot-pink bougainvillea are a far cry from the glamour of Cannes or St-Tropez. Shoppers will delight in the many local perfumeries and art galleries.


6. Annecy, France

Romance is the lifeblood of Annecy, in town in the Rhone-Alpes region of southeast France that’s replete with castles and cathedrals and softly curving architecture. Stroll hand in hand iwth your paramour across Pont des Amours (the lover’s bridge) before taking in the Imperial Palace and the baroque Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. A walk down the Rue Royale will be rewarded with prime shopping, dining and people-watching, especially at the fountain of Saint Jean.


7. Manarola, Italy

Manarola’s primary industries have traditionally been fishing and wine-making. The local wine, called Sciacchetra, is especially renowned; references from Roman writings mention the high quality of the wine produced in the region. Tourist attractions in the region include a famous walking trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore (called Via dell’Amore, “Love’s Trail”) and hiking trails in the hills and vineyards above the town.

The Manarola image says it all – charming & stunning beauty.


8. Goreme, Turkey

A town literally carved into the volcanic rock, Goreme is the gateway to the Goreme National Park, a vast UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses spectacular 10th and 11th century cave churches. The park itself is known for its chimney rock formations and is very popular with backpackers. It’s also a great area to sample Turkish cuisine and wine.


9. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is one of Flanders’ two hidden delights (alongside Bruges). Just a short 20 minutes train ride from its’ more popular neighbour, Ghent is equally charming however in a completely different way.


10. Rothenberg, Germany

Rothenburg is by far one of the most adorable, fairly-tale like towns in Germany istting above the Tauber River, giving Monschau a race for it’s money. The whole town is still completely surround by it’s medieval walls and the town has been vastly unchanged. It truly is like stepping back in time when one walks through the town.

Walt Disney used Rothenburg as the inspiration for his film Pinocchio.


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