Paris, City of Romance

After watching the Midnight in Paris movie, I immediately has falling in  love with this city of romance. We are not going to discuss thing to do in Paris (where we will talk later), but I will give you some good reason to include this city in your MUST VISIT list.


Paris is about discovering both the grandiose and the quietly charming. It’s a city that looks at shopping and food as an art form, and art a way of life.

The history

Paris is boasting with rich history on every corner of the city. Each of France’s rulers have left their imprints that go back many centuries. The colorful history of Paris has made it the city it is today, full of beautiful architecture, breath-taking views and a diverse population.


The food (and wine)

If you haven’t tried food in Paris you haven’t lived. From the baguettes, macarons, pastries, french onion soup, and warm, light, melt-in-the-mouth croissants, Paris is a city bursting with flavour. Food is not purely a necessity of life, it is a joy to be savored three times a day. Fast food chains are nearly non-existent because cooking real food is an integral part of everyday life. This is a city where wine is not a luxury, its a necessity.


The shopping

Shopping is almost considered an art form in Paris. After all, it is the capital of fashion. Stroll down the Champs-Élysées, the most famous avenue in the world, or head to the boutiques in the Marais for one-of-a-kind items. Lets also not forget the grand department stores Lafayette and Printemps.


The art

The world’s most visited museum, Musee de Louvre, attracts millions of visitors each year. It offers thousands of collections and some of the world’s most famous original works from prominent artistic eras, such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The wonderful thing about Paris is that art is not just in museums, it is all over the city – in laneways, cafes, restaurants, shops and even underground. Head to Montmarte, a neighborhood dedicated to arts and local artists. In it’s intricate backstreets and laneways you’ll find more local colour than you would in the centre of Paris.


The diversity

France is the whole of Europe in one country. It has the lot, both physically (mountains, rivers, coastlines both Atlantic & Med, lakes, plains, great estuaries and anything else you might need, bar icebergs) and culturally.

Padlocks on the Pont de l'Archeveche, Paris, France - 24 Sep 2011


The romance

Adored by honeymooners and lovers (you only have to be up the Eiffel Tower at sunset to see it), Paris is built on romance. It’s not just romance of the physical kind though, but of the architecture, the history, the boulevards and the parks. It’s the romance of sitting in a cafe reading all afternoon, it’s the romance of neighborhoods packed with impoverished writers or a shadowy jazz club open all night. Even if you’re visiting alone, it’s hard to ignore the romance of the city.



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