Yung Kee @ 鏞記, Central Hong Kong

Yung Kee (鏞記) is a Chinese Cantonese restaurant, well known for serving roast goose and their Cantonese dishes. It is a must to try their roast goose ! It has been reported that they sell as many as 300 Geese per day!


Except roast goose, they also famous by it’s Century Egg served with Pickled Ginger. I was told by the locals that you can’t get such delicious century egg else where except Yung Kee. The yolks were runny and gooey, of course, it is a sure sign of top quality. 

Century Egg served with Pickled Ginger,溏心皮蛋酸姜yung-kee-century-egg-03

Yung Kee’s famous Roast Goose certainly lived up to its reputation.  In fact, it is so popular that every customer orders this when they visit.

The fragrantly roasted goose was crispy on the outside, but the meat remained succulent, juicy and really tender. It was nicely seasoned. Besides, there are braised soya beans beneath the roasted goose that soaked up all the drippings from the goose making it fragrant and flavorful. Description is pointless for this dish, you got to try this yourself!

Roast Goose 烧鹅                  Roast-Goose-at-Yung-Kee

The wanton (dumpling) soup,云吞汤. Their wantons are made very delicately, into small bite size pieces.                                            img_2276


BBQ Pork, 叉烧 – The meat is juicy and flavorful



Yung Kee Restaurant  鏞記酒家 (Hong Kong)
32 Wellington Street, Yung Kee Building
Central, Hong Kong (Near Central MTR, Exit D2)
Tel: (852) 2552 1624
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 1130pm
For reservations below 5 pax:


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