Innsbruck @ Austria

The beauty of Innsbruck (Austria) is it’s surrounded by the beautiful Alps and its snow-capped peaks. It is the capital of Tyrol & located in the Inn Valley. A place good to be at any time of the year. Yet, the best still winter, as it is a paradise for winter sports lovers for being surrounded by gorgeous mountain ranges.


The city is known for alpine sports opportunities, especially in winter. Winter attracts more people in Innsbruck from all around Europe and the world. It hosted couple Winter Olympics (1964, 1976, 1984) before and it is also hosted the fist Winter Youth Olympics in 2012.


Of course, others than skiing, there still lot of fun when you are in Innsbruck.

1. Altsadt (Old Town)

Altstadt is the heart of the city and provides visitors and locals with a collection of medieval buildings, historic hotels and modern restaurants. The main thoroughfare is cobbled, clean and offers a myriad of respectable side alleys to explore.

The old town is over 500 years old and the buildings that have been constructed throughout the centuries are maintained to retain their beauty and flair. There is great historic significance here and several insightful museums are hidden in various nooks of old town .

Innsbruck_-_Wegweise_Altstadt the-old-town-streets

2. The Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl)

The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) is a landmark structure located in the Old Town (Altstadt) section. It is considered the city’s most famous symbol. Completed in 1500, the roof was decorated with 2,738 fire-gilded copper tiles for Emperor Maximilian I to mark his wedding to Bianca Maria Sforza.The Emperor and his wife used the balcony to observe festivals, tournaments, and other events that took place in the square below.


3. Town Tower (Stadtturm)
Completed in 1450, the Innsbruck City Tower once served as an observation point for sentries who announced the hours of the day. Standing more than 150-feet tall, the Gothic structure consists of Hottinger breccia, a type of limestone deposited during the Ice Age. The six-story base contains quarters for the watchmen as well as prisoners who were housed in the building. A series of 148 steps lead to a viewing deck, which provides sweeping views of the city and the resplendent Nordkette mountain range.
4.St. Anna’s Column
St. Anna’s Column is a must-see landmark for any visitor’s trip to Innsbruck. In addition to its historic significance, the statue itself is an impressive vision. Its towering presence boasts a red marble column with a Corinthian style. While the statue’s name is derived from the day the column was dedicated, a statue of St. Mary stands on top of the column.
5. Cathedral of St. James (Dom zu St. Jakob)
St. James Cathedral is a Baroque style architecture that deserves attention. Its gorgeous ceiling, fancy vaulted dome, ornate high altar, dazzling organ, frescoes, and pulpit make this cathedral one of the most exemplary works of Baroque interior in whole of Austria.  (few minutes walking distance from Altstadt)
6. Court Church of Innsbruck (Hofkirche)
It is the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I and it is the most important monument in the Tyrol region and the most splendid of all imperial tombs in Europe.
It was built for Maximilian by his grandson after his death. His tomb in the center is actually empty – he preferred his body to be buried in Vienna, but it proved too difficult to build a large memorial for him there, so the Hofkirche was constructed in his honor in Innsbruck. His tomb is surrounded by 28 large bronze statues representing his ancestors and heroes. Even though they’re known as the “Black Men”, both males and females are presented here. ps: ticket for aldult, 7.00 Euros, combined ticket for the Tyrolean State Museums  (within the same buidling) available, 11.00 Euros.
Austria Trip 232
7. Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

Established  since 1929, accumulated a fascinating collection of every day objects of rural, urban and aristocratic life in former days, when the Trentino area and the Ladin valleys of the Dolomites were still part of the Tyrol.


8. The Medieval Maria-Theresien-Strasse (Maria Theresa Street)

One of the busiest streets in the city of Innsbruck and certainly worth a visit is Maria Theresa Street (German: Maria-Theresien-Strasse). Named for Empress Maria Theresa, this bustling street is home to a number of shops and stretches from the Triumphal Arch to the Old Town (Altstadt). What makes this street beautiful is the prominent mountains range in the backdrop and its historic colorful buildings.


9. Triumphal Arch (Triumphpforte)

The Triumphpforte, also commonly known as Triumphal Arch, is one of Austria’s treasured gems. Built in 1765, the Triumphpforte is surrounded by sleepy mountains and historic charm in Innsbruck, Austria. Though Innsbruck has that old town charm, the Triumphpforte is grand.



10. River Inn

Innsbruck literally means “bridge over the Inn River,” and this illustrates the importance of the city’s location on the river.

The scenic Inn River, more commonly referred to as the Inns, runs from the Engadin region in the Swiss Alps and across parts of Austria and Germany. The Inn passes through Lake Silvaplana and Lake Sils as well as numerous cities and towns before leading into the Danube River. Despite the fact that the Inn typically has a greater water flow at the point of convergence, this river is a tributary for the Danube. Numerous small towns have developed along the banks of the river, including towns that are the birthplaces of Pope Benedict XVI and Adolf Hitler. The most heavily populated town that it runs through is Innsbruck, Austria.


Innsbruck is a beautiful & charming city that you shouldn’t miss in your Europe trip itinerary. The beauty of the city can’t be describe in word easily. But it will forever in your mind after your visit, trust me!


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