How to plan Europe Trip

I believe Europe is every people’s dreaming places. However, due to the cost of flight ticket, high standard living, currency exchange and etc, therefore we will have to plan well before really make a GO.

How to plan and what to plan, it is kind of big headache. So, I will list out the area that I’m working at for sharing purpose.

1. Where to visit?

londonIt all depends on which European cities are your dream destinations before branching out to other places. Take a paper, list down all the cities you dreamed of.  Prioritized the cities by order.

Don’t cram too much of places within a short period which ends up instead of enjoying Europe, you are spending the entire journey rushing here & there, stressing yourself to catch the plane or train & missing out the real experience of European Culture. Example, in order to explore the city (lets’ say London & Paris, the popular place among tourists) further, you will need to spend more than 1 days or else, you will end up laughing stock for missing out on so many interested places / things.

2. How many days to spend in each European cities?


It’s a common concern for everyone when it comes to planning. On one hand, you worried time not enough while on the other hand, you worry too much time.

Definitely to say that it is not going to happen to cover the whole place in single city within 1-2 days. However, due to time constraint, be selective to the point of interest and only  visit the main attractions. Then 1 1/2 in single city should be good enough for you to cover most of the attractions.

3. When is the best visiting time?

the-four-seasonsI would say that every season has its own specialty & unique reason for holidaying. For me, I would prefer Spring or Autumn due to the beautiful weather, about 10-16 degree.

If you like to experience freeze cool weather, then go at winter, enjoy the snow war, build up snow man, skiing and etc. But bear in mid that it is less day light compare to other season, the sun will start to set at 3 – 4 pm.

If you looking at the budget, summer would be the best time to visit as hotels are slashing price up to 50%. Besides, there is more day light as sun doesn’t set until 9 – 10pm every day. So, it is means that you have longer time for sightseeing. Lastly, the beauty of summer visit is you can enjoy Summer Sales there, where prominent & luxury European brand are clearing their stock at dirt cheap price!

4. How much is the spending per day?

In fact, I really do not have any idea on the budget per day. But I list down the basic expenditure as kind of the guideline.

Food, Public Transportation (within city traveling), Sightseeing, Accommodation

Therefore, I’m looking at the budget €100 per day per person, to be comfortable.

5.Travel by Train or Plane?

a) Train

EurailMost people will purchase a Rail Pass before arriving Europe which offers more value. You can buy it at Eurail or Rail Europe. Depending on how many days & countries you plan to visit in Europe, there is a pass that suites your needs.

b) Plane


It will definitely shorter the traveling time compare to train. And if the flight tickets are much cheaper than train ticket, why not! Do your homework before you decide since there are more low cost carriers (example Ryanair, Easyjet & etc) in Europe.

ps: try to avoid Ryanair since higher price than Easyjet, airport location is quite far from the city and make sure you read well of their stringent luggage policy. But not to say that you shall avoid Ryanair at all, try to compare the costs & do more study is needed.

6. Do I need Travel Visa to travel Europe?

For Malaysians, we can travel around Europe for 3 months visa free & 6 months in UK visa free.

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4 Responses to How to plan Europe Trip

  1. Michael says:

    Choose a region, don’t bumble around the continent like a ping pong ball, and do stay at least 3 days in a destination. Summer sales at hotels? Never heard of, and I live in Europe for 13 years now. You can travel in Europe on 25 euro per day and spend 25000 in an hour -depends on where you go and what you do. And rail passes are not worth it.


    • Jojo says:

      i appreciate your comment and i’m working on europe trip currently. that’why i share in my blog. Could i ask you some question? why rail passes not worth as it is in my plan as well.


      • Michael says:

        Because they come with so many limitations and hidden costs. No night trains, paying extra for cross-border travel, paying extra for high speed trains and so on and on. I think it’s better to go to fewer places, using long-distance trains of budget flights, and do day-trips from your “base camp”, rather than sleep in a new town every night.


  2. Jojo says:

    ic. thanks for your advise. appreciate a lot!!


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