Kimberly Restaurant @ 汕头街权记鸭粥粿汁

Once you think of Duck Meat Kway Chap in Penang, Restaurant Kimberly (汕头街权记) will come straight to mind without hesitation.


As the name suggests, instead of normal noodle, koay chiap uses “koay”, the same substance with koay teow, but in a thicker, almost pan-mee style form. The “chiap” refers to juice, or a mixture of ingredients mainly made up from duck.

Koay Chiap (Thicker white mee)




You can order either koay chiap, porridge or even rice. In a bowl of proper koay chiap / porridge / rice, it will come together with duck meat, skin, intestine, blood, and braised duck egg. All immersed in a light herbal soup used to braised the duck. The dish is often served with a special chili sauce.

Or you even can just order the plain koay chiap / porridge / rice with a plate of the varieties, to share with others. It is also another good alternative.


Worth to give a try if you happen to be in Penang as you hardly to find koay chiap elsewhere and even in Penang, it is less than 10 stalls who sell it.

Kimberly Restaurant (汕头街权记粿汁专卖店) 
137 Lebuh Kimberley,
George Town, 10100,
Pulau Pinang.
Business hours: 6.30pm – 11.30pm (Closed on Thursdays)



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