Joo Hooi Cafe @ 愉園茶室,Penang Road

Penang Road is one of the eatery streets in Penang with several food stalls and coffee shops concentrated at. And you should never miss Joo Hooi cafe if you happen to be here for their famous Teochew Cendol & Penang Assam Laksa. (ps: Joo Hooi cafe just like ordinary coffee shop without air conditioning.)



Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol                penang-road-famous-teochew


I personally feel that all cendol taste almost the same, but my hubby and sister in law given high compliment for it. According to them, the taste was excellent & delicious, the fresh coconut milk mixed so well with brown sugar, big red beans, green starch noodles & shaved ice.

The next star is Assam Laksa. It is yummy, the soup had a good mixture of spiciness and sourness and a lot of fish meat in it! In short, it is hot & sour sensation. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Besides, according to “they said”, your Penang trip won’t be even considered complete unless you tried them. But I would say it is your own decision, different people having different taste of the food. There are so many good assam laksa in town that I would share later.

Joo Hooi Cafe
475 Penang Road, Penang
Opening time: 12.00pm to 5.30pm (closed on Wednesday)




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