Ideal vs. Reality@Tourist Spot, Part 2

After complete the Part 1 of Ideal vs. Reality @Tourist Spot, let us proceed to part 2.

1. Pyramids of Giza, Cairo – This is what we used to imagine, camel, brownish sand & the pyramids.                                                                                                                   pyramids










However, the reality always disappointing us the most.  p1 (2)

2. Manneken Pis, Brussels – You hardly to think that it is a tiny statue of a little boy urinating, which later become the tourist attraction.


It is located at one of the corner at the street Brussels. You will easily miss it if you do not pay 101% attention. Anyway, thanks for the crowd which make you no way to miss it anymore.


3. Niagara Falls, Ontario – So beautiful it is, just like the water from the sky.

Niagara Falls

It is always crowded and difficult to take the full view of the Niagara Falls.


4. Bradenburg Gate, Berlin – It is so huge, unique & grand. Just another masterpiece!


You hardly to learn that it is actually located next to the street and surrounded by the modern building.


4. St. Peter’s Square, Rome – is a large plaza located directly in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City


If there is any function or event is being held, then there are sea of peoples.


5. Mount Everest, Nepal – The postcard or poster photo like this.

mount everest

Haha… Never know that it is so happening at the summit of Mount Everest.


6. Taj Mahal, India – It is so white, clean & serenity.


The real fact is tourist everywhere.


7. Palace of Versailles, France – Our idea for Palace of Versailles.


In fact, it is the crowded tourist destination.


8. Castle of Wales, UK – Beautiful scenery of the abandoned castle


The real fact is you will always facing the crowd since it is one of the UK’s attraction. Try to avoid if there is any event held for your visiting date.



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