Ideal vs. Reality@Tourist Spot, Part 1

Sometimes, due of a postcard picture, we plan to visit a place. Just like Eiffel Tower, it is always my dream place. But “dream” is just a dream, we have to face the “reality” end of all. Why I say so, you will get the idea after you finish this page.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris –  We use to see at the postcard, poster, magazines & etc. Beautiful sunny day, blue sky, white cloud, green field.


However, the reality is you will end up with the crowds of people. d3

2. Trevi Fountain, Rome – So beautiful scenery it is! If you think that you could stand at the central of the fountain and take picture. Then you are totally wrong!


At the end, I would say that you are lucky enough if you could take a photo without any stranger in your photo.                    Trevi Fountain

3. Acropolis, Athens – what a lovely place. Massively built structure with unique beauty which consist of  a blend of unseen masterpieces.


It is always crowded by tourists.                                          ac

4. Christ The Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro – It’s the most famous sight in Brazil, it’s stunningly beautiful and it has a remarkable history.


Even if the area around the 98-foot-tall statue is almost always heaving with visitors. Most of the photos you’ll have seen are likely to have been taken by photographers in helicopters who can find the space they need for the shot without the crowds.


5. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy – It is so lovely, you think you can just lay on the field and watching the Pisa tower, or just take the photo with Pisa tower with poses as you like.



Haha… The reality is you will see a lot of peoples also trying to pose like you and take the photo and it is hardly not to include them in your photos.


6. The Mona Lisa, Paris – The famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting display in the Louvre.

Da Vinci Code Locations

When you are in the Louvre, The Mona Lisa just far away from you and in fact, it is not a big painting display. And you will find crowds of people around it.


7. Venice, Italy – It is so romantic on the gondola ride especially with your love one in this beautiful scene and colorful building.


But the real fact is you will facing gondola jam during the canal cruise and peoples are watching you either from the bride or street.


8. Santorini, Greece – Beautiful scenery. We think Santorini shall be like this, being poison by the poster, postcard and etc.



9. Little Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen – It is so unique & beautiful. Watching the sea with lonely face.


But the little mermaid actually is not lonely at all. Everyday, she is accompanying with so many tourists, they even have to queue for taking pictures with her.


10. Stonehenge, UK – You will impress by the beautiful scenery : white cloud, blue sky, green field.


When you reach there, you are not going to impress anymore when you end of with the sea of tourists.


11. Spanish Stair, Rome – Kind of the romantic place that you wish to hold your love one hand and walk together with him step by step.


You will never have that kind of romantic feeling when you are walking with your love one at the stair with sea of tourist.


12. Great Wall of China, Beijing – How grand it is! They describe that Great Wall just like a dragon, sleeping at top hill, to protect China being attacks by others. It is the  world’s longest wall and biggest ancient architecture.


The reality is you will end up by the crowd and it is hardly for you to take any picture, all you need is keep walking. Else, you will be pushed or scolded by others.


13. Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau – It was the greatest of Macau’s churches, but it burned down in 1835, leaving only its very large and beautiful facade and the front stairway.


You hardly to find a place to take a picture and it seems to be a difficult or impossible task that is only you in the picture with Ruins of St. Paul’s.


Now, it is the part 1 and let me continue with the part 2 soon.



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