Yan Yun Lou 燕云楼@Shanghai

We get to know this restaurant by a taxi driver. According to him, “南有燕云楼、北有全聚德”, if translate to english – 燕云楼 is well known in south China & 全聚德 is well known in north China.

You will easily find 燕云楼 if you walk in Nanjing Road. Try to find the arc as below and take the elevator up to 4th floor (if i’m not mistaken).


Check & see what we had for the dinner.

The first dish and shouldn’t miss the one is Peking Roasted Duck, 北京烤鸭                          sa1

Closer view                   sa2

Fish – cold dish                                    sha1

Toufu 蟹粉豆腐                                                                                                    sha2sha3

Friend Green Bead 清炒豌豆                                                            sha4

Chicken – cold dish 口水鸡                                                                           sha5

In fact, I find the dishes is so so, not really impressing. But if you want to try, you can look for them at Nanjing road, get down from MRT People Square, walk toward the Nanjing Road. Then you will be able to find it. Try to get the arc as i showed above. 
Address : 中国上海市南京东路699号宝大祥商厦8,9楼 (Nanjing E Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China)
Tel :+86 21 63609698
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