Tang Jai Yoo@陈再裕, Teochew Restaurant in Bangkok

Tang Jai Yoo is also located at Chinatown, the same location as TK seafood. Tang Jai Yoo Restaurant Yaowarat serves authentic Chinese cuisine, which I would say more to Teo Chew style.

The main entrance – very traditional & authentic Chinese main entrance. 陳再裕酒家2

Typical Teochew appetizer                      9

Oyster Omelette tangjaiyoo03

Fish serve in cold, teochew style (冻乌头) t1

Shark-fin soup                         8

Garlic Prawn                                                                        12

Teochew Yam Dessert              10

Complimentary deep fried yam                                                                                    11

Again, I would say the food is damn cheap in Bangkok. The total bill not more than 2,000 THB and the food serving is for 4-5 person.

Highly recommended restaurant if you visit Bangkok. Go there with cab would be the most easier way and less hassle.

Cab/Taxi: about 150baht from Pratunam area for fixed price. If by meter it would be cheaper (less than 100baht). Direct uncle to Yaowarat Rd. But for ease, I recommend to call the restaurant number, request the restaurant ppl to tell directions. Rmb to put on loudspeaker for driver to hear. 

Address:85-87, Soi Yaowaphanit, Yaowarat Rd., Samphanthawong, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand

Tel:+662224 2167

Service day:Everyday, Service hours: 11:00-14:00

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