Lost Heaven on The Bund

The first impression about this restaurant is why so dark, why don’t put on some lighting… The “WHY” keep coming in mind, by hoping to see the interior well & food are serving in good manner.

Look at our dinner table – A long table but is surrounded by dark…….. lost_heaven

Spring roll                               image1

The Yunnan Wild Vegetable Cakes, served with a tomato relish were simple & beautiful. LostHeaveninShanghai005

Da Li style chicken with chilli and green onions 2

Minced Pork Wraps                              3

Linjiang style stir-fried beef4

Miao Tribe Hot & Sour Prawn                   5

Papaya Salad                                                          6

锅贴                                                                                7

Overall, I would say the food only so-so and I’m not really fancy about the deco. Too dark, still what I have to comment.

The restaurant (Lost Heaven) serve fusion cuisine – the mixture of Yunnan, Burmese & Thai food.


Address: No.17a Yanan East Road Huangpu District, Shanghai

Opening hours : 11am – 10.30pm

Phone : 021-63300967




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