Optimizing the Search Engines

Well, well, well. How to optimizing the search engines, I’m actually still in the learning stage but would like to share what i had learn. In fact, I went through couples of the website and work out a summary as below. I hope it does helps for those who start to blog and also feel free to comment if there is any area that I comment wrongly / area for improvement.

Here we go!                                                               Tactical-SEO-1

In the online world, SEO is one of the most powerful tool in helping the potential visitors find your site.

So, what is mean by SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Anyway, just look at the 6 main areas that what search engine love.

1. Targeted Audience

Be consistent on the discuss content. Then, your website will be easier to be the target for search engine. Example, if you are the food hunter, try to publish the food related post as much as you can instead of discuss on another irrelevant topic, such as taxation.

Besides, you can add the internal link from other areas on your site, to help reinforce a page or a post’s topic and also helps to provide context for search engines. For example, I linked all the thing to eat in Thai, thing to do in Thai and etc to my Bangkok visit itinerary.


2. Titles

Be concise & precise for the title of the post. This is to prevent the bouncing rate. The high the bounce rates are, the higher the chance of slipping out from rankings, where the search engine will define that your content doesn’t measure up to searchers’ expectations based on the title.

In short, a clear & concise title would be the best, no more than 58 character.


Not to worry to much if you are using WordPress. The URL had automatically create based on your page / post title.

ps: A good URL is easier for the searchers to look at the URL for a particular of page and know exactly what it’s about.

4. Heading Tags

Heading tags do not provide any real ranking boost, nevertheless, it is best for you to use them to offer the great reading experience for your site’s visitors. Doing this, it will help the searchers to see the post is clearly related to their search.

5. Images

Please to ensure the descriptive alt text for the image had been filled up. The alt text should describe what is the image is talking about. It not only help the search engine understand that the image shows, but it also can help people to better understand your site.

6. Meta Description

Meta descriptions are a general overview of the contents for your site. Search engines sometimes will use this information to determine the site’s is either relevance for the specific searchers or not.

Meta descriptions could also be a great way to tempt searchers to click, even the description isn’t directly utilized in search ranking calculation. Don’t worry to much if you are with WordPress. The soft will automatically detect the first portion of your content as meta description.

My Conclusion

The above just a guideline to make the search engine falling in love with you, to increase your search popularity.

However, it is not an overnight job. Instead you need time & patient for continuing develop your website. Don’t envy of those website with higher traffic, they also take time to develop it.

SO, enjoy blogging!!!

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