Hong Kong, Urban Jungle

We always refer Hong Kong (香港, “Fragrant Harbour”) as a shopping heaven. But today, I’m not talking about shopping, but would like to share something different about the city.

As you all know, Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated metropolises. And do you have any idea how it looks like? Recently, there is a Hong Kong photographer shared a series of photo called “Urban Jungle,Hong Kong”.

I visited Hong Kong many times and knowing the fact that Hong Kong is one of the most densely city in the world BUT I can’t imagine it is so denseness until I saw the photos.                                                   hk





What I see and what i think for the photos is We always “see” thing at our eye level and if we try to switch to different angle / perspective, you will find something different. Just like Hong Kong.

I still remember my Hong Kong friend told me that you all always visit Hong Kong to see night view and then you will praise how beautiful is it? But do you ever know that the night view that you see is actually telling you the truth that Hong Kong is so dense and no much land leave to build the landed house, except opting for the high building. The condominium / the buildings have to build as high as it could be (not much space as well), in order to accommodate so many peoples. So, when they returning home after work at the evening or night, when they put on their light at their house, then this is what you refer as the “beautiful night view”.

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