How to fall in Love

I was attracted by the title of the book – how to fall in love! In fact, I personally feel that to fall in love is much more easier and to fall out from love, it so difficult!


The story line start from Christine and Adam are thrown together on the night she stops his suicide attempt on Dublin’s Halfpenny Bridge.

Although Christine manage to stop Adam from suicide attempt, but in return Adam gives her a deadline to convince him life is worth living. Or else, he will try to commit suicide very soon.

At first, it is Christine who is meant to be saving Adam, but it soon becomes clear that Adam might just be saving Christine too..

Halfpenny Bridge, night view

Halfpenny Bridge, day view
Hope you will enjoy the story like I do. Hope with the picture of Halfpenny Bridge, you will have the better feeling of the story line. 🙂
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