Café Grazie,Kaoshiung@義式屋古拉爵


Unbelievable! The price is damn cheap for an Italian meal, 4 person set meal, so called 古拉爵派對套餐, TWD 1680.  The set meal  comprise of Casual Appetizer ( 8 choose 4), Classic Appetizer / Soup (12 choose 2), Pasta / Rice / Pizza ( 22 choose 4) & Drink / Dessert (22 choose 8).

It took us long enough to decide on our preferred dishes. Too much choice and all looks delicious, and having no idea which to choose at all.

Finally, we decided!

1. Casual Appetizer (8 choose 4)

Gorgonzola Cheese Gratin with Focaccia 起士鑲蛋佐佛卡夏   02

Mentaiko & Potatoes Cheese Gratin 明太子馬鈴薯焗烤031

Caesar Salad 凱撒沙拉                                 salad1

Baked Garlic Chicken 蒜香烤雞肉                    chicken1

2. Classic Appetizer / Soup (12 choose 2)

Minestrone Soup 義式蔬菜湯


Sauteed Chicken with Balsamic Dressing 香煎雞肉佐義大利葡萄醋 13

3. Pasta / Rice / Pizza ( 22 choose 4)

Spaghetti with Shrimp & Anchovy Tomato Sauce 南義蝦仁義大利麵 041

Spaghetti with Vongole & Scallop in Garlic Wine Sauce 蒜香白酒干貝蛤蜊義大利麵05

Risotto with Mushroom & Truffle Sauce 松露風野菇起士燉飯06

Margherita Pizza 瑪格麗特比薩  07

4. Drink / Dessert (22 choose 8)

Mixed Berry Yogurt Juice 綜合莓果優格


Calpis Lemon Soda 可爾必思檸檬蘇打                             091

Iced Fruit Tea 冰繽紛水果茶                                                                                                     


Iced Caramel Milk Ceylon Tea  冰焦糖奶茶                                                                     0111          

Homemade Mascarpone Ice Cream & Fruit Parfait 馬士卡芬冰淇淋鮮果杯 0121

Pound Cake with Orange Peel & Meringue 桔香檸檬磅蛋糕   0131

Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream 核桃布朗尼                 0141

Classic Vanilla Crème Brulee & Macaron 法式香草焦糖布蕾              0151

 After finish the meal, we can’t even go for second round. The stomach too full, but indeed it is delicious, tasty and CHEAP!

If you are interesting as well, please visit the below link to check out the shop list



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