Kinryu Ramen (金龍 ラーメン)

Ramen is one of the must eat food in my list. The famous one is among  Inchiran (一兰), Kinryu (金龍) and Kiou (龜王).

This time, I choose Kinryu since it is easy to find. Coz you can see the dragon a mile away. Haha…. Kinryu-Ramen2Kinryu, means “Golden Dragon” serves Kyushu-style tonkatsu (pork) broth ramen and is another well-known landmark along Dotonbori. It open 24 hours a day, so just look for Kinryu whenever you hungry if you just happen in Dotonbori area.

We had to order via a vending machine right in front of the eatery. There were only 2 choices – standard ramen (600 Yen), and another with more pork slices (700 – 900 Yen). After handed the order tickets to the staff, find a seat and wait for the ramen to come. 63463_10153376012538986_8555498762072529929_n

It is so good to have a hot food at the winter night, +/- 8 degree!

1-7-13 Namba
Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
(06) 213-6825
(Just walk down Dotonbori Street – you cannot miss it.)
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