Secret Garden 每个人心中的秘密花园

I believe everyone will have their secret garden in mind. How will it like?sc

Mine one is flood with colors. I like to paint my squirrel in pink and i like to put the leaves with all the beautiful color. Just to make the garden not dull anymore. I not prefer to use the “green / red ” color for leaves that we suppose to see (during the summer / autumn). I always have dream about my secret garden and that’s why I had colored it and make it came real in my coloring book. (i know it is yet to complete, but i promise will complete it as soon, haha…)


Secret Garden – An Inky Treasure Hunt & Coloring book by Johana Basford, a Scottish illustrator.  The book is not only for coloring, you will also find all kind of the hidden creatures during coloring, example beatles, songbirds, butterflies, shark and …..

Worth to buy for mind healing!

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