Hua Hin

20151207_165622 I always thought that Hua Hin is a new build town with theme parks itself, example Santorini Park, Swiss Sheep Farm, The Venezia, Black Sheep fun park and etc.

In fact, it is NOT. It is just one of the province of Thailand and well known as beach town resort. If you wish to visit the theme park, you will need to get a cab to travel you there. IMG_2042

Lets’ talk about Hua Hin. It is located at south-southwest of Bangkok, about 2 1/2 driving journey from Bangkok. The must see in this town should be the beach, vineyard and the local market.

Of course, you also can visit to all those theme park if you have time and don’t know where to go. But if travel purposely from Bangkok for the theme park, I would say, don’t waste your time. You can easily find the same theme park in Bangkok, example Choco Ville and Alpaca View.   IMG_2051

We have our simple lunch at Pizza Da Roberto restaurant. It surprise us with the food. The pizza which i should say is the best in town. The boss of the restaurant also said that a lot of the tourist enjoys their pizza so much and it starts get crowded after 7pm.

Don’t miss “Pizza Da Roberto” if you are in town!


Just in case you having no idea where the restaurant located, look for Hilton hotel as picture showed and you will find your way.

For the theme park, you may refer to the below link. Be aware, there is admission fee for entrance to theme park.




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