Floating Market @ Damnoen Saduak

You shouldn’t miss the floating market if you visited Bangkok. There are at least 10 floating markets located in / near Bangkok and we choose the most popular one – Damnoen Saduak, 100km southwest to Bangkok.

Damnoen Saduak – The most famous & popular floating markets which you’ve seen photographed hundreds of times. 🙂


We departed around 8am and it took us about 1 hours to reach there by cab (the fare is 800 bath after negotiating. ps: always negotiate with the driver when they don’t want to run with meter).
When you are in pier, don’t forget to negotiate the price again. At first, they want to charge 1,000 thai bath / person. We said no way and wanted to leave, then they came with the second offer, 2,000 bath / boat for 90 minutes ride. Deal!
We are on our motorised longtail boat!


Vendors along the riversIMG_2024IMG_2038

We had our lunch along the ride. The food is quite cheap & delicious – pork noodle soup, fish ball soap, only cost 50 bath. Pad Thai (fried kuey toew), 100 bath, Mango sticky rice, 80 bath. Must try and is a good experience especially for kids, eating at the boat!


Tips: Don’t buy any souvenir at the floating market., unless you really like it. I found the cost is more than double compare to Bangkok town. Example: 1 set (4-5 pieces) of coin purse cost 350 bath in Floating Market, while you can get 1 set at 100 bath at Asiatique.

Duration of visit About 2-3 hrs.
Open Early morning daily.
Most boats will be there up to about mid-morning.
Accessibility Follow tour or take cab
Thai name ตลาดน้ำดำเนินสะดวก ราชบุรี
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