Siam Swing, lovely Jazz

I was caught by jazz music when i walked along the yaowarat (Bangkok Chinatown) street. Immediately, i walked towards the direction of where the music come from.

Ahhhh….. It is from here.20150205_223755

From the incredible design that harkens back to the romance of 1930’s Shanghai, a time when great jazz artists were featured in the best clubs in the city to the elegance and intimacy of 1950’s underground nightclubs in New York, Chicago and Paris.


It was played by Siam Swing band. Form up by 3 members : Kung – Guitar, Nid – Double Bass & Oae, Saxophone.

Every Wednesday to Saturday, 8.30pm to 11.00pm.

I also bought a CD, only 300 thai bath. Total 18 songs.20151203_114724

  1. Menilmontant
  2. It had to be you
  3. It’s only a paper moon
  4. Chinatown, my Chinatown
  5. I’m in mood for love
  6. Let’s fall in love
  7. On the street where you live
  8. Old fashioned love
  9. Route 66
  10. Brazil
  11. The very thought of you
  12. I can’t give you anything but love
  13. Sway
  14. I love Paris
  15. My one and only love
  16. Blueberry hill
  17. Nobody knos you when you’re down and out
  18. House of the Rising sun
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