Umeda 梅田

29th Nov 2014

After check in was done, we plan to go to Umeda, 梅田 for our lunch. And later, we will hang around at Umeda area.  Let’s go! 行きましょう, Ikimashou

Umeda (梅田), is one of Osaka’s main city centers. It is located around the large station complex that comprises Osaka and Umeda Station.

Osaka Station City4020_03

It is opened in spring 2011. It is cater for the transportation, includes JR Osaka Station and also surrounds by shopping, entertainment and business complex. The station’s lavish new design is represented by a giant glass roof high above the train platforms.

HEPIMG_0986We took a ride at the red Ferris wheel. At first, I thought it is not too high but indeed it is high enough, especially when the wind blow, you could feel the wheel is actually shaking. I knew the view from the top is nice, but I not dare to open my eye. Anyway, i managed to see the beautiful view from my hubby camera later. hehe…

View from the Ferris WheelIMG_1149


Yodobashi- UmedaYodobashi_Umeda_3

It is an electronics retailer, stocks almost every current item by the major camera manufacturers. You can find almost anything electronic (camera, watch and … ) from there. My hubby is thinking to get a Japan made watch from there. Let’s see.

Umeda Sky Building


A spectacular 173 meter tall skyscraper opened in 1993 with an open-air observation deck on its roof. Too bad….. We didn’t climb to the top. Too tire and exhausted, keep walking & walking….


Nothing impress here. We came just because my friend, Takehiru recommend restaurant is here.

Lunch @ Kiji きじ1924346_10152603230772252_309422121015681352_n

汤盈盈, Hong Kong actress also been here before. 10264606_10152603224282252_4824176407213540368_n

Add: 531-0076 B1F Umeda Sky Building, 1-1-90 Oyodonaka Kita-ku, Osaka           Opening Hours – 11:30-21:30                                                                                                Closed on – Thursday

We later settled our dinner at 地鱼屋台 aaIMG_0229

地鐵谷町線天神橋筋六丁目站6號出口附近. 基本上,於出口行3分鐘之內必定去到!開門時間係5:30 (逢星期一休息的)

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