Kiji きじ Okonimiyaki

The place is quite easy to locate. Go down to the B1 of Umeda Sky Building and you will see the entrance – 滝見小路. IMG_1452

We found a bit difficult to locate the restaurant since all the signage is written in Japanese and all the outlook of the buildings looks similar to each other. I tried to compare the outlook and the signage with the one that i printed, to make sure we are in at the right restaurant. (tips: look for the only restaurant that has a queue, haha…)1505272_10152603230972252_7763242080548071319_nI can’t compare it with other Okonomiyaki place since it’s my first time having one but it was definitely tasty. Yakisoba also delicious.

Most of the peoples say that it’s the best Okonomiyaki in Osaka! 10384186_10152603230547252_7936539765671024580_nThe only draw back is the menu is written in Japanese. We ordered via minor English hand language.1924346_10152603230772252_309422121015681352_nBe prepared to wait as the restaurant only has a few tables. We waited for almost 30 minutes to get our seat. Overall it is worth to wait for the good food.

You see, Hong Kong actress 汤盈盈 also visited.  10264606_10152603224282252_4824176407213540368_n


Owners are very nice and food is great and cheap too! You must go!

Add: 531-0076 B1F Umeda Sky Building, 1-1-90 Oyodonaka Kita-ku, Osaka           Opening Hours – 11:30-21:30                                                                                                Closed on – Thursday

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