Here we go, Osaka city!

We checked out Kansai Airport Washing Hotel about 10am and started our journey of the day. In fact, I’m a bit surprise that the Japan hotel check in time is 3pm & check out time is 10am (must take note). Anyway, it is fine for us, since we are too exciting to go to Osaka city, as early as possible.

You can go to Osaka either by taxi, by bus or by train. However, Private taxis are not a good way to get to Osaka, where the cost is over 15,000 yen and they take longer time than both buses and trains. We decided to take Nankai Railways train, which we think it is the best way!

We took Nankai Airport Express trains to Namba Station. The trip took 45 minutes and only costs about 900 yen. The purpose that we stop at Namba station is to buy Osaka Amazing Pass at Namba@Information Center. 20141130_114449

Here we go!20141130_11431620141130_10415320141130_104639

We finally reached Namba station and got the location map as well. (Hand shaking, pei sheh!) Actually, we are at the blue color area and need to walk straight to Shinsaibashi, the strike read area to find our hotel. 20141130_115634

Start finding our way… 20141130_120141



Finally we reached our hotel@Lions Rock


To be continue….

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