Amsterdam 童话之都

I never thought Amsterdam will be my first stop for Europe. I always think that the first to come should be Paris, London and follow by Italy and…..

Anyway, thanks for my business trip as i need to go for an exhibition in Germany and then, I decided to extend my day in Amsterdam.

The winter night in Netherlands. We arrived quite late plus the weather is bad (cool & windy), you see less or even no people walking on the streets.

20130114_210450        20130114_211100

The grocery store  20130114_210845

Tomorrow, we are going to explore Netherlands in depth.

  1. Visit to Windmill
  2. Cheese and clogs demonstration – see how these famous shoes are traditionally made by hand and taste some fantastic cheeses. And, of course, the chance to shop and get those unique souvenirs.
  3. Amsterdam  Canal Cruise – sail along Amsterdam’s stunning canals at twilight. A perfect  introduction to Amsterdam, you will cruise along Amsterdam’s atmospheric canals.
  4. Amsterdam Red Light District walking tour, giving you a unique perspective on this fascinating corner of the city!



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